Overall aim and objective of project

Provide a Chinese language benefit service in Wales to help the Chinese community
understand their rights and assist them in claiming what they are entitled to, so they
no longer suffer in silence.

Benefit Advisor can help with:

  • Check benefit eligibilities
  • Appeals
  • Chasing up delayed payments
  • Fill in benefit forms
  • Follow up benefit decisions
  • Contact local authorities
  • Re-calculate benefit eligibilities if personal circumstances change

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Please contact CIWA for an appointment

All advice is free and confidential

  • Telephone: (01792) 469919 / 07309 722122   
  • WeChat : @ciwabenefit
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Operating hours:  Tuesday – Thursday: 10am to 5pm 

We are looking for further funding to sustain this service. Your kind donation will be very welcome.