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免费 NHS 健康筛查讲座系列
NHS Screening Test Health Talk Series

3. 肠道筛查 Bowel Screening

肠道检查可以有效尽早发现肠癌,从而提高患者的存活率。不论男女,只要年龄介乎 60 到 74 岁,每 2 年会获邀接受检查,测试大便样本内是否有隐血。威尔士肠道筛查服务会寄出筛查工具,你可在家中自行收集样本。收到你的样本后的 2 星期内,结果会以邮件方式进行通知。
Bowel screening is very effective in early detection of bowel cancer, thus enhancing the survival rate of the patients. Men and Women aged from 60 to 74, would be invited to have a screening test every 2 years. It is to detect if there is any occult blood in the stool. Bowel Screening Wales will send out screening tool, so that you can collect sample at your home. 2 weeks after receiving your sample, the result would be posted to your home.


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