Snow Skin Mooncake Making Workshop | 冰皮月饼工作坊

Mooncake is a necessary food item for Mid-Autumn festival, which is a festival for family to come together, admire the full moon and to catch up. Snow skin mooncakes are a non-baked mooncake originating from Hong Kong, they have crust made from sticky rice and it can have different flavours depending on what fillings you put inside them. This is a great chance to explore Chinese culture and have fun together. Ticket price is £5 for CIWA members and £10 for non-members (include fee of ingredient, tool and 2 mooncakes to take home with you), extra mooncake to take home would be £1 each.

Please call 01792 469919, email [email protected] or message @Chineseinwales on wechat to sign up or make any enquiry.

月饼是中秋节是家人团圆赏月的时候不可或缺的食品,而冰皮月饼是由香港传过来的一种不需烘培的月饼种类,糯米外皮包着可口的餡儿,想起来已经很想吃了吧?9月12日的冰皮月饼工作坊票价,华协会员 £5 非会员 £10(包括材料、工具、和把两个冰皮月饼带回家的费用),要带额外的冰皮月饼回家每个 £1。

请致电01792 469919、发电邮到[email protected] 或在微信发信息给@Chineseinwales报名或查询。



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