Social Gathering


Christ Church Small Hall

Come! join us for a friendly chat gathering afternoon. Our Wellbeing Team is focus on bringing people together to increase mental health wellbeing and prevent mental ill-health for ethnic Chinese residents. You can chat with old friends, update each other latest news, stay positive and relax in a safe tea gathering environment. Or chat with our volunteers exchange life experience, make new friends that share same hobby.

The seat is limited to 30 people only, priority gives to elders members first. Please call YenYen directly on 07869 820500. Still not CIWA member? call staff on 01792 469919 to register membership. £1 gift donation will help us to continue our good work.

Date: Thursday, 21st and 28th October, 2021.



Name Wellbeing Team Phone 07869 820500 Email [email protected] Category Past