Useful Organisations

Race Council Cymru

Race Council Cymru’s aim is to eliminate racial discrimination, promote diversity and equality and fostering mutual understand through arts, cultural and heritage activities.

Swansea Council for Voluntary Service

SCVS is an organisation that supports, develops and represents third sector/voluntary organisations, volunteers and communities in the Swansea area.

Swansea Carers Centre

Swansea Carers Centre is a specialist voluntary organisation which provides support to carers and former carers across the city and county of Swansea. They support people who care for those with an illness or disability. Also, they provide support and information to carers across Swansea by providing welfare benefits advice, access to grants and special funds, counselling service, dementia support, respite care and more.

South Wales Police

South Wales Police is the law enforcement department against crimes and maintaining order. Their hate crime team works closely with ethnic minority groups in Swansea to promote community cohesion and eliminate hate crimes.

Confucius Institute, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Confucius Institute provides Chinese language, culture courses and workshops in Welsh schools, Universities and the community. They also have a Chinese school for local Chinese children and young people on Sundays.

Useful Sites

Sanctuary (Welsh Government)

A page that helps refugees and asylum seekers to understand their rights in different aspects. The page provides multilingual online machine translation for language needs other than English and Welsh. (Please refer to English version source text for accuracy).

TV license information (official Simplified Chinese information)

TV license is essential if you watch programmes of BBC on any platform or devices. If you want to know more about this or want to declare that you do not need a TV license, you can refer to the official Simplified Chinese information here.

Home Fire Safety Check (Multilingual versions)

Fire Services provided a safety checklist for home fire safety. They also provide FREE fire safety check for homes, please contact us if language need is required.

Home Office – Rights and Expectations in the UK (Multilingual versions available)

This guide is for asylum seekers staying in temporary accommodation while their claim for asylum is being assessed, explaining UK rights and expectations.

NHS vaccination (Multilingual versions)

NHS has prepared multilingual leaflets for BCG and Hepatitis B vaccination, which is crucial to safeguard your child(ren)’s health. Please click on Chinese in the linked page to access the Simplified Chinese leaflet.

South Wales Police Online Crime Report (English and Welsh only)

Official Police Online platform for anyone to report a crime online. Police will handle your report and be in contact with you (via email or phone call, depending on your preference) to follow up in 8 hours. You have to provide your personal details including; name, home address, phone number, email etc. If you want to report a crime anonymously through us, you can contact us at [email protected] 

Health and Safety Executive (Multilingual versions)

The Health and Safety Executive(HSE) is a UK government agency responsible for the encouragement, regulation, and enforcement of workplace health, safety, and welfare. They provide different essential guidance at work in multilingual versions. Please click on Chinese on the linked page to access the Simplified Chinese guidance.

Macmillan Cancer Support (Multilingual Version)

Macmillan cancer support provides physical, finance, and emotional supports for people who affected by cancers.

Welsh Refugee Council (Multilingual Version)

Welsh Refugee Council is the leading organization in Wales, promoting equality for and fostering good relations towards asylum seekers and refugees in Wales.

Neuron Disease Association(Multilingual Version)

Motor Neurone Disease is such a debilitating disease that affects a person’s ability to communicate.

If you struggle with English, their MND Connect helpline or Benefits Advice Service can arrange for an interpreter to join your telephone call. If you ask, health and social care professionals may also be able to arrange for an interpreter to help you at a future appointment.

Introducing Type 2 Diabetes in community languages

The clip is presented in Cantonese and the subtitles are in Simplified Chinese.

Chinese Autism Information

The Chinese Autism is an online platform with the purpose of empowering the Chinese-speaking autism community by providing accurate, reliable, and culturally relevant information and resources to promote greater awareness and understanding of autism. Additionally, with the aim to support professionals in better serving the Chinese neurodivergent community and to increase awareness outside the Chinese community of the unique challenges they faced.