Fresh Air - 2018


Today the younger generation of the Chinese community is increasing rapidly due to the new demography transition. The Chinese ethnic children under the age of 16 who were born in Wales are mainly the second generation of immigrants from mainland China. Others are mainly the early Hong Kong immigrants’ third or even fourth generation of British-born or Welsh-born Chinese. In addition, most of the young ethnic Chinese college students are the temporary immigrants from China.


Difficulties faced

Quite often, British-born Chinese or Welsh-born Chinese have identity issues and sometimes have difficulties in having interest and continuing their own family’s language and culture. For Chinese students, despite difficulties in their study, they might face challenges due to a limited knowledge of the local culture and difficulties faced when integrating into the local community.

What we do

CIWA is committed to promoting Chinese culture so that the Chinese descendants have a better understanding of their root culture and will be proud of it. Meanwhile, CIWA is committed to promoting Welsh culture, services and rules to help students better integrate into local communities.