We need everyone’s dedication and participation in order to create a better home. The Chinese community is a result of everyone’s contribution, please join us and support each other.

We are posting all of our current volunteering opportunities on Volunteering Wales. Please visit the website and search for ‘Chinese in Wales Association’, then you can apply for a volunteering role that suits you.


If there is no role that suits you on the website, or you have other strengths, we can discuss it together to find a better opportunity for you. Please fill in our volunteer form and we should contact you within 5 working days. For further information, please email us at [email protected].

Student Volunteering of the Year 2019

Current project:

Be Kind and Befriending

Linking volunteers and the elderly people with technology to enhance wellbeing and end isolation. Also include Welsh culture elements promotion in the project.

To sign up to this opportunity, click HERE!


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(Traditional Chinese form only)

Please print out the form, and send us back the completed consent form to sign up.

You can either take a photo of the completed form and send it to [email protected], or you can cut out the completed lower part and send it to our office with the following details:

Volunteer Coordinator
Chinese In Wales Association, The Grand Multicultural Hub, 
Swansea Grand Theatre,
Singleton Street,