CIWA provides a comprehensive English to Chinese translation service. Whether your project involves a simple text translation, or a complex cross-platform. We can work with you to help meet your deadlines and project objectives.


Language Services

Language Services

Chinese in Wales offer many Language services, which also includes translation services.

CIWA provides a face-to-face Mandarin and Cantonese interpretation service. Our interpreters are all Chinese and have been living in the UK for a significant amount of time. Not only are our translators familiar with the difficulties Chinese people may encounter, as they have a shared experience of being an immigrant. But they also share the same cultural background with the Chinese service users.

Our interpreters

We ensure that all communication with a customer or service user is seamless and professional. This is done by ensuring a correct match between the translators’ experience, professional qualifications and the situation which requires translation.

Our services

Our services support Chinese people whose use of the English language may not be proficient enough to easily access Public Services, particularly in complex or emotional situations. Varying from discussing consent to pupils at schools, to conducting suspect interviews. Our interpreters are fully trained have been working professionally for clients with different needs.

Why us?

Our aim is to provide exceptional interpretation, ensuring both quality and accuracy. Each of our interpreters have undergone rigorous assessments to ensure they have the skills to meet CIWA’s high professional standards.

All local organisations and charities can take advantage of a discounted rate as we love to work and form partnerships with local organisations and charities. Let’s work together to create a better place to live and build community cohesion.

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