The Chinese In Wales Association’s proposed Dragon Festival is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the symbolic significance of dragons in both Chinese and Welsh culture, encourage cultural interchange, foster solidarity, and strengthen social cohesion among Welsh citizens. By hosting this significant festival, Wales can demonstrate its dedication to diversity, cultural sensitivity, and community involvement while fostering lifelong memories and ties that cut across boundaries and cultural divides. The Dragon Festival will leave a legacy of cultural appreciation for future generations and serve as a tribute to the depth of both Chinese and Welsh ancestry. The Dragon Festival offers an exceptional chance to honour cultural diversity, advance social harmony, and spur economic prosperity. The study trial conducted by CIWA will offer insightful information regarding the viability of holding the festival, taking into account its financial impact, social
advantages, logistical needs, and environmental sustainability. Students can take part in cultural workshops, interact with various forms of art, and learn more about Welsh and Chinese cultures.

They gain a greater feeling of cultural pride and appreciation as a result of this immersive learning experience, which also broadens their viewpoints and increases their global awareness. The festival can serve as a catalyst for developing Welsh cultural tourism by incentivizing travellers to visit various places and take in each one’s distinctive beauty. Local performers, sellers, and artists can display their skills and offer their goods and services, boosting the Welsh economy and fostering a lively atmosphere. People from various backgrounds can engage in cultural exchange and learn more about the traditions and practises of both the Chinese and Welsh communities during the Dragon Festival. Attendees can immerse themselves in a wide variety of activities, such as calligraphy, dragon dance classes, storytelling sessions, traditional music and dance performances, and culinary delicacies from both cultures, through bright displays, performances, workshops, and interactive experiences. A greater understanding and appreciation of cultural variety is fostered through this sharing of information and experiences, which encourages harmony and respect within the Welsh community. CIWA is currently exploring a trial of the Dragon Festival and has been awarded funding to carry out some research to determine if this program will be feasible.

We have been awarded funding by the Arts Council of Wales to run a three-month Research and Development Dragon Festival project (June-August 2023). The aim of this research project is to find out if local citizens feel that having more art and culture related activities will help to improve wellbeing and create a happier and more harmonious environment for all. During the next few months CIWA will:

● Carry out surveys to see how local citizens feel about the Dragon Festival

● Search for suitable artists who would like to be involved
● Search for people from a non-artist background who would like to learn new skills

● Research possible partners and venues

● Run small-scale trials, such as art and cultural sessions,


This will allow local citizens to gain an understanding of what the Dragon Festival aims to do Art can span many varieties including visual art, traditional craft, sculptures, digital art, dance, and music – all of which can involve participants taking part. The performing arts also deliver exciting and moving displays to their audiences. It is these sorts of arts and activities that we aim to bring to the Welsh community via the Dragon Festival in 2024. If you are interested in being a part of the Dragon Festival Research and Development program, we would love to hear from you.