The Chinese older people population in Wales today is made up of primarily first-generation immigrants that arrived as youths and young adults to the UK. The lifestyles of these migrants differed greatly from mainstream society as many were sent straight to work in established launderettes or Chinese restaurants. This resulted in limited opportunities to assimilate into the mainstream community and learn English/Welsh. Most of them find it difficult to access social and public services due to their language barrier.

In addition, due to the nature of how the Chinese people settled, family members were often dispersed across Wales, the UK, Europe, and/or across the World.  These Chinese older people have contributed to the society in many ways during their youths.  However, in their old age they mostly have no family living nearby.

This dual exclusion undermines their quality of life. To combat the isolation, CIWA aims to deliver social activities and projects to help them have healthy, happy, sociable and independent lives.