Building a Stronger Chinese Community in Wales

Welcome to the Chinese in Wales Association (CIWA) website! We are a charitable organisation dedicated to improving the lives of ethnic Chinese residents in Wales. CIWA is community-led and grassroots-based, with our head office located in Swansea. We are the first point of contact for residents with Chinese heritage in Wales. We hope you find the information and resources here helpful. If you have any questions or want to get involved with CIWA, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Join us in Building a More Inclusive Wales

Connecting, Supporting, and Empowering Ethnic Chinese Residents.

Our mission is to promote community cohesion, support those facing disadvantage, and promote the sharing of both Chinese and Welsh culture and heritage. We offer a wide range of services to meet the changing needs of the Chinese community, including language services, advice, advocacy, an information service, case referral, and social, cultural, and educational activities.

We also offer a variety of volunteering opportunities, student internships, and paid work placements to help young people gain employability skills and work experience.

Advancing Cultural Exchange: Services for the Chinese and Welsh Community

We are committed to providing a range of services and support to the Chinese community in Wales, and we will continue to adapt and evolve as necessary to meet the changing needs of our members.

Community Support Services

This service aims to assist members of the ethnic Chinese community facing disadvantage and address the inequalities they face, enabling them to participate fully in society. This may include assistance with housing, employment, education, and access to healthcare.

Cultural Exchange Programs

These programs aim to promote both Chinese and Welsh culture and heritage, through activities such as language classes, cultural workshops, and traditional arts and crafts.

Social and Recreational Activities

This service aims to provide a range of social and recreational activities for the community, such as sports clubs, youth clubs, and cultural events.

Senior Support Services

This service aims to deliver and represent the Chinese community including disabled people, children, young people as well as elderly people, including planning and service delivery to ensure their complete well-being.

Advocacy and Representation

This service aims to provide support and representation for the ethnic Chinese community on matters related to government policy and community issues.

Health and Wellness Programs

This service aims to promote the health, well-being, and welfare of ethnic Chinese residents in Wales through programs such as health education, fitness classes, and mental health support.


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